About #Ryuumaru-fandubs

This is #Ryuumaru-fandubs. Notice the # in the front. Basically, it’s a bunch of us faggots from #ryuumaru who got bored and now we’re (contemplating) doing some dubs. Check em. That was for you Sartaj.

Think we should dub something fun? Let us know which ones you want in the comments 😀

BTW, we do not represent the opinions or ideals of #ryuumaru fansubs. Commander`A was in no way involved with the creation or operation of this group.


6 Responses to About #Ryuumaru-fandubs

  1. Ojou says:

    We gotta dub some if the new shows. I call MM!

  2. Jukey says:

    Hi, wanna make me writer on the blog? I can write sorta kidna.

  3. YoMomma says:

    falso y maricon

  4. Phycoforce says:

    Yosuga no Sora; fucking do it.

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