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Important shit

New Project!

Himitsu desu! But we need a bunch (6+) male actors and 2-3 female actors. Feel like helping us bros out? join #ryuumaru-fandubs and we’ll hook you up 😛 Advertisements

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Names: The aftermath

Due to the tie between Eastern Order – Honorifics and Eastern Order – No Honorifics, we decided to make a compromise between the two. (lol jk we were planning on doing this all along). We’re going to keep words like … Continue reading

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Looking for an Audio Engineer! (Or somebody that knows what they’re doing.)

So basically, we need an audio guy; someone who can take out the voices from our video clips without borking the whole thing. I’ll be straight, this is a pretty daunting task, and since this is some silly fan stuff, … Continue reading

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Important Notice.

Welcome to #Ryuumaru-fandubs. You may be wondering why there’s a # in front of our name when what you’re currently viewing clearly isn’t an IRC channel. This group has absolutely nothing to do with Ryuumaru (the anime fansubbing group) and … Continue reading

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