New Project!

Himitsu desu!

But we need a bunch (6+) male actors and 2-3 female actors. Feel like helping us bros out? join #ryuumaru-fandubs and we’ll hook you up 😛

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Names: The aftermath

Due to the tie between Eastern Order – Honorifics and Eastern Order – No Honorifics, we decided to make a compromise between the two. (lol jk we were planning on doing this all along). We’re going to keep words like “senpai” and “onii-chan” (when it sounds cute), but get rid of ones that don’t really add meaning like “-kun” and “-chan”. If you don’t like it then ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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Looking for an Audio Engineer! (Or somebody that knows what they’re doing.)

So basically, we need an audio guy; someone who can take out the voices from our video clips without borking the whole thing.
I’ll be straight, this is a pretty daunting task, and since this is some silly fan stuff, you won’t be making anything from it. Just need someone with some free time who is willing to help. If you or anyone you know would be willing to help, please comment with your real e-mail address or come into our IRC and shout out at someone.


P.S. – We need female voices too (check the MM! project page to see what’s open)

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What’s in a name?

What’s the consensus on naming? Personally, I’m all for Joey Wheeler

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Join us in IRC!

Come idle like a cool kid in 😀

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Important Notice.

Welcome to #Ryuumaru-fandubs. You may be wondering why there’s a # in front of our name when what you’re currently viewing clearly isn’t an IRC channel.
This group has absolutely nothing to do with Ryuumaru (the anime fansubbing group) and therefore none of the views expressed herein reflect the ideas or views of anyone from the Ryuumaru fansubbing team. No members of Ryuumaru are participating in this project. (Subject to change if they actually want to add their voices for the lulz.)
The only relation this group has to Ryuumaru is that (almost) all of us met in #ryuumaru (the IRC channel) and were bored enough to attempt to do this silly dubbing shit.
This is why there is a # in front of our name, and why we used Ryuumaru’s name in our own.
Dear Commander`A: if you stumble upon this, don’t rage. We’re not gunna be lovesubs #2 and steal your shit. At most, we’ll use your subs as reference for something we (try) to dub if you were a group that subbed said animu.


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